episode 492

episode 492 prince of the city
stw episode 492

"Raise your eyes, stranger, to that age-worn rampart which confronts all else : there stand the paladins, stern, grave, serene. each is one, each is all.
Richard Hugo
...fins de série 71/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 492

murmur - never one third (peel session 08.09.95)
the fall - gramme friday
apples in stereo - try to remember
aden - country bar in the city
auto!automatic! - 4182333461... dance!
killing joke - madness
joy division - isolation
b movie - the soldier stood alone
moderne - mercenaire solitaire (1981)
taxi girl - les armées de la nuit (1981)
politburo - how to disconnect your mind in 17 324 lessons: lesson one (1981)
sonny boy williamson - too old to think (08.09.1961)
bill wells & maher shalal hash baz - the dust of months
captain beefheart - low yo yo stuff
the lo yo yo - I can hold my own hand
echo & the bunnymen - the yo yo man
lucrate milk - three blind mice (1981)
serge gainsbourg - toi mourir (1981)
visible - et sort assuré(1981)
snapline - paper general
enemymine - evaporate
kammerflimmer kollektief - implodiert
superqueens - business is business (peel session 08.09.2004)
spoken words taken from "prince of the city" by sidney lumet


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