episode 477

episode 477 deuxieme souffle
stw episode 477

"“Mott the hoople was two miles from heaven."
Willard Manus
...fins de série 56/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 477

lindisfarne - knackers yard blues (peel bbc in concert 18.07.1971)
country joe and the fish - not so sweet martha lorraine
orange bicycle - hyacinth threads
the move - cherry blossom clinic
kaleidoscope - mr small, the watch repairer man
beatles - I want to hold your hand
hank mizell - jungle rock
les anonymes - joséphine (1966)
skip bifferty - on love
pink floyd - flaming
tim rose - king lonely the blue
donovan - epistle to dippy
howlin' wolf - down in the bottom
the purple gang - granny takes a trip
the misunderstood - you don't have to go
velvet underground - european son
django reinhardt - new york city (18.07.1947)
electric prunes - long day's flight
patrick abrial - le voyageur (1966)
the action - follow me
the misunderstood - I can take you to the sun
pink floyd - astronomy domine
sex clark five - she collides with me (peel session 18.07.1990)
spoken words taken from "le deuxième souffle" by jean pierre melville


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