stw podcast episode 419

episode 419
stw episode 419


but who cares uh ? : episode 419

the gories - aaaah
syd barrett - rats
judith and holofernes - all roads to hell are paved with good intentions
28 degrees taurus - what's behind a smile
maddox brothers & rose - let's step it up and go
puberty wounds - the slow apocalypse
boris - death valley
bix beiderbecke - singin' the blues
tsin ting - ming ri zhi ge (song of tomorrow)
belbury poly - the hidden door (excerpt)
grande canale - it's alright
dennis brown - no man is an island
htrk - your mistress turns to dust
wonderfuls - lost in dust with a failing mind
black heart rebellion - crawling low and eating dust
icicle works - chop the tree
joyside - your city is a desert to me
slow motion - deserts of the night
ultravox! - saturday night in the city of the dead
die soundkoenige - city beat
luna - neon lights
michael hurley - o my stars (peel session 11.11.99)


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