stw podcast episode 415

episode 415
stw episode 415

"surgi du passé...out of the past..."

but who cares uh ? : episode 415

the outcasts - magnum force (peel session 21.10.82)
cannon - gravity
positive noise - positive negative
nathalie - atomic energy
woodentops - plutonium rock
roky erickson and the aliens - sputnik
lizzy mercier descloux - sports spootnicks
out on blue six - party mood
essential logic - wonderful offer
maximum joy - white and green place
you've got foetus on your breath - gum's bleed
simple minds - king is white and in the crowd
the odolites - no bed of roses
family cat - colour me grey
the would be's - my radio sounds different in the dark
melvins - hooch
cosmopolitans - (how to keep) your husband happy
undertones - the love parade
billie holiday - a fine romance
ascii disko - I wanna be your dog (peel session 21.10.03)


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photo "episode 415" by ZB

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