stw podcast episode 413

episode 413
stw episode 413


but who cares uh ? : episode 413

the fall - the man whose head expanded (peel session 07.10.85)
mike stuart span - world in my head
rocky porter - the world is a monster
the sunflower spectacle - I'm a ghost... no I'm a monster?
arborea - ghost
atlas sound - a ghost story (excerpt)
rohan theatre band - ghost story
folksong of nepal - story of the man with two houses
cocorosie - houses
epic45 - in all the empty houses
physics of meaning - in dreams we return to ourselves,empty and honest
hector zazou - into your dreams feat. laurie anderson (excerpts)
timmy jacks off - blistering dreams again and again and again
billy mackenzie - sing that song again
john felice & the lowdowns - I'll never sing that song again
20 minute loop - I'll never forget you
elvis presley - I forgot to remember to forget
the soft moon - remember the future
kennedy cult - this is our future
building castles out of matchsticks - this is our goodbye
map - is this goodbye
camera obscura - greyhound going somewhere (peel session 07.10.03)


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