stw podcast episode 410

episode 410
stw episode 410


but who cares uh ? : episode 410

si begg - entertainment (peel session 16.09.03)
cocteau twins - hazel
stiver - shine
andrew liles - 26-33 33 1/3
harappian night recordings - red eyes, noose and goad
pan american - for aiming at the stars
yellow swans - psychic secession
people press play - everything
the blue orchids - the flood
psalters - flood me burn me
alejandro jodorowsky - la primera flor despues del diluvio
arborea - after the flood only love remains
john ylvisaker - a love song
espers - cruel storm
cordebrève - vilanèle du diable
ummagma - back to you
caitlin sherman - telegrams from paradise
helios - signed I wish you well
tricky - makes me wanna die
orcas - a subtle escape
to rococo rot - a little asphalt here & there (peel session 16.09.99)


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photo "episode 410" by ZB

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