stw podcast episode 382

stw episode 382

souvenirs du futur
... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.

" je crois savoir pourquoi nous sommes sur cette terre ; c'est pour découvrir que ce que vous aimez le plus vous sera enlevé, sans doute à cause d'une erreur en haut lieu plutôt qu'à titre délibéré
Philip K.Dick. La transmigration de Timothy Archer

(future memories of yesterday)... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.
"...and I think I know why we are on this Earth; it's to find out that what you love the most will be taken away from you, probably due to an error in high places rather than by design."
Philip K. Dick, The Transmigration of Timothy Archer.

but who cares uh ? : episode 382

jp mocky - litan, cité des spectres verts (excerpts)
artery - the ghost of a small tour boat captain (peel session 15.02.82)
protomartyr - three swallows
whatever brains - companymen
giovanni marks 33 or what you need in life
persian screwboss - pocket full
jp mocky litan (excerpts)
negro spirituals - black garden
brothers in law - a magic
gabe hascall - nectar of life
israel vibration - love is all you need
center of the universe - the night was green
jp mocky litan (excerpts)
ponctuation - comment ça?
geronimo! - immortality
catholic spit - devil's pact
pony! - intentarlo
aunt ange - crucify the blackbird
jp mocky litan (excerpt)
blueskank - prince of nowhere
spondees - chase the dragon
glen porter - over the mountains, through the jungle, and into the cave
scritti politti - faithless
titaan - adem mijn licht
jp mocky litan (excerpts)
kan kan - somethings never change (peel session 26.04.82)
jp mocky litan (excerpt)


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