stw podcast episode 356

photo by zb
stw episode 356

"...épisode spécial. oui, encore. les 8 ans du blog cette fois"

"...special episode. yes. again. the eight years of stw shit this time...

but who cares uh ? : episode 356 -happ-ee-baaaâ-z-D! me.

eeter - ripping samuel
eek-a mouse - a wa do dem
spherical objects - I don't remember
the mekons - dan dare (john peel session 07.03.1978)
the farmer boys - you lied
b.o.b - haterz everywhere feat rick ross and juvie
new age steppers/creation rebel - ethos design
psalters - unsanitaries
young marble giants - search for mr right (john peel session 26.08.1980)
public image ltd - graveyard
swans - the daughter brings the water
the mekons - lonely & wet (john peel session 07.03.1978)
raymilland - talk
the mops - the letter
young marble giants - poised by models(john peel session 26.08.1980)
jackie farrow - paper
public image ltd - careering
sarongs - pedestrian
us girls - peotone
woods - wind was the wine
the mekons - where were you (john peel session 07.03.1978)
thee oh sees - wax face
elaine - over it (not)
young marble giants - brand new life (john peel session 26.08.1980)
wire - read and burn
the mekons - letters in the post (john peel session 07.03.1978)
literature - esquire esquire
nicodemus - bone connection
yabby you - mash down rome dub
margy pepper - mutual kool aid
mayyors - ghost punch
young marble giants - final day (john peel session 26.08.1980)
rangers - zombies (night)
PLVS VLTRA - birthday party
young marble giants - n.i.t.a (john peel session 26.08.1980)
public image ltd - no birds
bunwinkies - time flies


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photo "episode 356" by ZB

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