stw podcast episode 349

photo by zb
stw episode 349

"…elle a choisi les ingrédients, en
respectant la règle fixée - 2012, après
mélange... "

"...she chose the ingredients, by
the rule set - 2012, then

but who cares uh ? : episode 349

brother sun, sister moon - one throws and one pulls (excerpt)
spires that in the sunset rise - child of the snow
mv & ee - workingman's smile
eeter - coral (excerpt)
robert deeble - suzanne
donovan quinn - laughing city
chris lee - (I love the way you) bring me down
eyeless in gaza - if I could live as the sun does
magic trick - invisible at midnight
balaclavas - moon roof
simone white - big dreams and the headlines
j. rollin - les deux orphelines vampires (excerpt)
overlord - you loved me (demo)
stag - pop song
young moon - a reason
witxes - somewhere (excerpt)
bill fay - there is a valley
thx 1138 v.f (excerpt)
julia holter - this is ekstasis (excerpt)
orcas - until then
husky - forever so
brother sun, sister moon - one throws and one pulls (excerpt)


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photo "episode 349" by ZB

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