stw podcast episode 344

photo by zb
stw episode 344

"y'a trois mouvements là-dedans ? en es-tu sûr ?... "

" deux interludes..."

but who cares uh ? : episode 344

vox populi - sunshine boy's earthly delights 12
hefner - trouble kid (excerpt)
j. tourneur, la griffe du passé (excerpt)
doc daneeka - hold on (excerpt)
chrome - critical mass
cabaret voltaire - war of nerves (t.e.s)
lee hazlewood - (excerpt)
frank molder - ride (excerpt)
daf - all gegen alle
rollin. fiancee de dracula (excerpt)
jeff & jane hudson - up from hell
maria minerva - spiral (excerpt)
oneohtrix point never - up (excerpt)
liaisons dangereuses - peut-être... pas (excerpt)
mme st onge - II (help) (excerpt)
wendy carlos - suicide scherzo (excerpt)
the wickerman v.f (excerpt)
goth trad - itinerant priest (excerpt)
kyoko kuroda and kazuhisa uchihashi - song and improvisation (excerpt)
richard youngs - three handed star untitled 3 (excerpt)
poorly drawn people - way with words
foreign beggars - telepathic flow
edan - mic manipulator
joey bada$$ - survival tactics
foma - kurt's theme (excerpt)
the black swans - my lips (excerpt)
guante - this is the opposite of a suicide note
death in june - to drown a rose (excerpt)
antic clay - non-prophet blues
salaam bombay - street children sing a balld of lost promises
gasper lawal - abio'sun ni
dusk & blackdown - rolling raj deep
falty dl - truth (excerpt)
bodycode - what did you say (excerpt)
the forsaken - hypnotise (excerpt)
pangaea - you and I
shackleton - you bring me down (excerpt)
nosaj thing - us
ovidie, j.rollin. la nuit des horloges (excerpt)


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photo "episode 344" by ZB

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