stw podcast episode 328

photo by zb
stw episode 328

"prêt pour une balade ?"

" faut un début à tout."

but who cares uh ? : episode 328

lowlight situations - the lady in the lake
house of love - fisherman's tale
manchester orchestra - I can barely breathe
hound dog taylor wild about you baby
max romeo - chase the devil
fabienne delsol - don't fall in love with me
jack scott - I'm satisfied with you
genevieve pasquier - good-girl-bad
a frames - search and rescue
john rydgren - hippy version of 23rd psalm
the fall - blindness (john peel session)
prince far I - show me mine enemies
mindflayer - everyone dies (we won anyways)
the men - lazarus
tangerine dream resurrection


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photo "episode 328" by ZB

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