stw podcast episode 321

photo by zb
stw episode 321

...'em told me not to worry about it...
but who cares uh ? : episode 321

oracle offering - astral plannin' (a/b)
deekie - under my wings (a/b)
I dream in transit - a drop of human blood on the surface of the moon (a/b)
jjango cleefworth morriconez bordertown astronaut (a/b)
virgin prunes - abbagal (a/b)
no fun - old (a/b)
matthew mullane - broken, break (a/b)
kurt vile - dead alive (a/b)
bhimsen joshi - ram, ram, ram, bhajo
etran finatawa - ekenan (a/b)
big blood - a quiet lousy roar (a/b)
richard youngs - once it was autumn (a/b)
nurse with wound - sheila na nig (a/b)
diana rogerson & andrew liles - ever afflicted with (a/b)

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photo "episode 321" by ZB

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