stw podcast episode 302

photo by zb
stw episode 302

environ 50 minutes de musique inouïe
but who cares uh ? : episode 302

herbcraft - altar 3 : birth'd (a/b)
delphine dora - the violence of the storm (a/b)
sic alps - may ltd (a/b)
night manager air jordan (a/b)
pheromoans - newsagent hop (a/b )
the human elephant - ceremony (a/b)
art institute - addicted to the drug of nostalgia (a/b)
comet gain - herbert huncke prt 2 (a/b)
go betweens - in the core of a flame (a/b)
hunter-gatherer - werewords (a/b)
religious knives - the message (a/b)
roommate - the country with a smile (a/b)
matt valentine - p.k. dick (a/b)
swans - song for dead time (a/b)

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photo "episode 302" by ZB

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