quartier d'été 8 (epsiode 283)

photo by zb
stw episode 283

pour ce 8è quartier d'été j'ai donné carte blanche à ma fille, elle a sorti ce premier 45t des rayonnages
for this summer block the 8th, I gave my daughter, 13, carte blanche. she picked up this first seven inch

photo by zb

et le reste a suivi, naturellement...
then, followed by the next 45 minutes...
but who cares : episode 283 (52'58 - env. 50 mo)''

the lotus eaters - first picture of you (a/b)
razorcuts - the world keeps turning (a/b)
echo & bunnymen - the cutter - a drop in the ocean (a/b)
gang of four at home he's a tourist (a/b)
the undertones - get over you (a/b )
pale fountains - bicycle thieves (a/b)
triffids - hometown farewell kiss (a/b)
the apartments - could I hide (a/b)
biff bang pow - she haunts (a/b)
laughing clowns - I want to scream (a/b)
the quads - there must be thousands (a/b)
aztec camera - oblivious (a/b)
the sea thieves - the only piece of mind worth remembering (a/b)
arborea - black is the colour (a/b)

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photo "episode 283" by ZB

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