quartier d'été 5 (episode 280)

photo by zb
stw episode 280

who cares now : episode 280 (48'08 - env. 48 mo)''

xtc - reel by reel (peel sessions) (a/b)
adam & the ants - zerox (a/b)
skafish - disgracing the family name (a/b)
the soft boys the return of the sacred crab (a/b)
nikki sudden - sanctified (a/b )
this heat - a new kind of water (a/b)
essential logic - music is a better noise (a/b)
skin flesh & bones - jack ruby special (a/b)
jim jiminee - you pulled a string in my heart (a/b)
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - electricity (a/b)
a.r. kane - catch my drift (a/b)
keith hudson - felt we felt the strain (a/b)
weather prophets - bury them deep (a/b)

p.s : tous les quartiers d'été se trouvent à cette adresse :quartiers d'été 1-11

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photo "episode 280" by ZB

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