stw podcast episode 227

photo by zb
stw episode 227

pas de bla bla à la con, la musique...
play it loud (66'28 - env. 62 mo)''

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felt - all the people I like are those that are dead (a/b)
christian death - mysterium iniquitatis (a/b)
swell maps - spitfire parade (a/b)
stiv bators - evil boy (a/b)
jack scott- flakey john (a/b)
prince far I - heavy manners (a/b)
the gun club - texas serenade (a/b)
noor jehan - tere mukhre da kala kala til
carl perkins - let the juke box keep on playin' (a/b)
the cramps - people ain't no good (a/b)
nikki sudden - russian river (a/b)
sugar minott - she stays on my mind (a/b)
nocturnal emissions - song in my heart (a/b)
billy mackenzie - sing that song again (a/b)
joy division - she's lost control (peel session) (a/b)
the sound - I can't escape myself (bbc sess.) (a/b)
rowland s. howard - shut me down (a/b)
coleman brothers - dry bones (a/b)
jay reatard - d.o.a (a/b)

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photo "episode 227" by ZB

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