stw podcast episode 208

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stw episode 208

play it loud (53'44 - 52 mo)

distribution :
equinox the peacekeeper - the queen of silence (a/b)
people's temple choir - down from his glory (a/b)
ultravox - the man who dies everyday (a/b)
shelly blake plock - river folk (a/b)
mikey murka - she gone (a/b)
john terlazzo - he wears his black heart everyday (a/b )
rudi arapahoe - last words unspoken (1fo)
the malchicks - a taste of honey (a/b )
baden powell - samba em preludio (excerpt) (a/b)
hector zazou - cocoon (a/b )
stooges - no fun (a/b)
lulu rouge - end of century (a/b)
big eyes family players - snowflakes runt (a/b )
celer - I've got my love to keep me warm (a/b )
kenny dorham - alone together (a/b )
humberto luis schenone - oceans of new life (ca 286)

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