stw podcast episode du 28 juin

photo zb
stw code 062810

play it loud (51'43- 50 mo)

Tracklist :
grave with no name - sofia (a/b)
woods - blood dries darker (a/b)
that ghost - when ther's no one else to sing to you sing to yourself (a/b)
reines d'angleterre - side A track 2 (a/b)
dadawah- know how you stand> (a/b)
the rest - cried wolf (and other animals) (a/b)
anbb - one (a/b)
the orchids - obsession nr 1 (a/b)
the comsat angels - zinger (a/b)
wovenhand - terre haute (a/b)
meursault - crank resolutions (a/b)
big blood - the winds house (F.M.A.)

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photo "code sp062810" by ZB

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