stw podcast episode 195

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stw episode 1955

encore une poignée et... une autre... puis une autre. Peut-être
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so the wind podcast episode 195 : play it comme vous pouvez (51'05- 50mo)

Tracklist :
talk normal - river's edge (a/b)
ye olde maids - candy cigarettes on fire (a/b)
nothing people - in the house (a/b)
speed, glue & shinki - someday we'll all fall down (a/b)
smith westerns - dreams (a/b)
cold cave - youth & lust (a/b)
blessure grave - resting place for two (a/b)
former ghosts - this is my last goodbye (a/b)
swann danger - all is forgiven (a/b )
factums - when (a/b)
king dude - my beloved ghost (a/b)
us girls - summer of the yellow dress (a/b)
waterhens - buried in the garden (a/b)

devolver - shadow (out soon)

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photo "episode195" by ZB

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