stw podcast episode 161

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stw episode 161

play it LOUD & FREE! (59'47- 58mo)

Tracklist :
xtc - meccanic dancing (oh we go) (a/b)
fulgeance - smartbanging (a/b)
crazy dreams band - four winds of the owl (a/b)
moondog - pygmy pig (a/b)
mulatu astatke - yegelle tezeta (a/b)
arthur russell - arm around you (a/b)
bloody mary - sed non satiata (a/b)
elmore judd - ships in the dark (a/b)
jega - the girl who fell to earth (a/b)
walter jones - I'll keep on loving you (a/b)
maayan nidam - que te has creido (a/b)
didi favreau- I try to find my way (a/b)

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