stw podcast episode 160

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stw episode 160

de la douceur et des chanteuses...
play it LOUD & SOFT! (54'20- 52mo)

Tracklist :
sharon van etten - for you (a/b)
little jinder - the love song (a/b)
sizzle ohtaka - is love (a/b)
courtney marie andrews - darling boy (a/b)
sabra laval - gentle man
simone white - yakiimo (a/b)
kym campbell - rolls that way (a/b)
elaine greer - making plans (a/b)
selda - kizil dere (a/b)
essential logic - love eternal (a/b)
eilen jewell - where they never say your name (a/b)
didi favreau- walk on the clouds (a/b)
susan christie - ghost riders in the sky (a/b)
noor jehan - way aa ke turr jan walia
lulacruza - everlasting (a/b)

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