stw podcast episode 145

photo zb
stw episode 145

play it loud! (48'37 - 46mo)

Tracklist :
tolivar - never trust a girl with a curly smile (ep soon)
nik void - rocket usa (a/b)
deathboy - the end begins again (a/b)
flux of pink indians - the fun is over (a/b)
davila 666 - no quiero (a/b)
gala drop - ubongo (a/b)
kap bambino - save (a/b)
ulterior - weapons (ade fenton remix) (a/b)
peter coyle - protest song (a/b)
aardvarck - one (a/b)
the heptones - freedom to the people (a/b)
bohren & der club of gore - prowler (a/b)

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