stw podcast episode 142

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stw episode 142

et mes visites s'espacent...
play it loud! (35'02 - 33mo)

Tracklist :
lydia lunch - so your heart (a/b)
j. tillman - above all men (a/b)
cramps - how far can to far go (a/b)
alain bashung - c'est comment qu'on freine (a/b)
alan vega, alex chilton & ben vaughn - fly away (a/b)
gene vincent - jezebel (a/b)
johnny kidd & the pirates - restless (a/b)
lightnin' hopkins - so sorry to leave you (a/b)
big bill broonzy - when did you leave heaven (a/b)
vince taylor - you'll never walk alone (a/b)

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bonus (youtube)
lydia lunch - dance of the dead children
j. tillman - firstborn
big bill broonzy - hey hey
lightnin' hopkins - lonesome road
jerry lee lewis - me and bobby mcgee

photo "episode142" by ZB

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