mardi. à un jour près.

photo by zb
break your heart full
carved heart

mabel mc gee & pennsylvania slim
break your heart full

natural snow buildings
carved heart
2008 (reissue)

(française version)
J'entends battre la pluie à ma fenêtre. C'est son fantôme. Qui s'inquiète et s'impatiente.
"Comprenez vous ? Ne comprenez vous pas ? Viendrez vous ? Ne viendrez vous pas ?..."
La complainte a traversé le temps. Plusieurs pays aussi.
L'éternité, devant moi, ruisselle.

(englikhtonian version)
I'm hearing the beating rain against my window. It is her ghost. Who worried and impatient gets.
"Understand you? Understand you not? Will you come to? Will you not ?..."
The lament crossed the times. Several countries.
Eternity's streaming in front of me.

natural snow buildings
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david bavas
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contrast podcast 138.

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mabel mcgee & pennsylvania slim
natural snow buildings - if I can find my way through the darkness

photo by ZB

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