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stw the french series 33

The French Series 03/06*** : joue le clairement FORT! (43'20 - 41mo)

Playlist :
odeon - burn out
morgan manifacier - I lost my dog (acheter/buy via myspace)
the kissinmas - saturday
my name is nobody - a heart beating louder (acheter/buy via myspace)
june & jim - les vivants (acheter/buy via myspace)
rum tum tiddles - worried man blues
the missing season - the secret map (acheter/buy via myspace)
gypsophile - tolède (acheter/buy)
my broken frame - no one (acheter/buy)
thee verduns - sunny day (acheter/buy)
flowers from the man who shot your cousin - postcard from a river (acheter/buy )
orouni - air hostess (acheter/buy)
chapi chapo & les petites musiques de pluie - horse on a rock (acheter/buy )

(*** : A partir de janvier 2009, les "french series" auront une programmation plus régulière.)

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bonus (youtube,dailymotion)
the kissinmas
thee verduns - goo goo muck
my name is nobody - I say hello to the pale moon
june et jim - l'épuisée
rum tum tiddles, l'etap session
my broken frame - no one
flowers from the man who shot your cousin - no home
orouni - city lights (feat. mina tindle)
where's love

photo "stw frenchh series3" by ZB