stw podcast episode 117

photo zb
stw episode 117

"des orages ? avec ce ciel bleu, t'as entendu ça où ?"
"storms? with that blue sky... who tells ya?"
(play it loud) (44'18" - 42mo)

Playlist :
h. stewart - unlike spring (tel./dl)
fleet foxes - white winter hymnal (acheter/buy)
she keeps bees - ribbon (acheter/buy)
wildbirds a& peacedrums - nakina (acheter/buy)
ex-reverie - dawn came for us all (acheter/buy)
entertainment for the braindead - maybe (tel./dl)
cryptacize - water witching wishes (acheter/buy)
small sur - tones (acheter/buy)
mahalia jackson - I'm going down to the river (acheter/buy)
kinit her - on shores of dark waters (tel./dl)
the sea thieves - it takes a storm (acheter/buy)
women & children - today to die (acheter/buy)

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bonus (youtube)
she keeps bees (at the appartment)
wildbirds and peacedrums - doubt/hope
cryptacize - cosmic sing a long
the sea thieves
women and children - oranges

photo "117" by ZB

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