stw podcast episode 116

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stw episode 116

De la musique avant toute chose...
...De la musique encore et toujours...
...Que ton vers soit la bonne aventure
Eparse au vent crispé du matin
Qui va fleurant la menthe et le thym...
Et tout le reste est littérature.

Of music before everything...
...Let music be, more of it and always!...
...Let your verse be the happy occurrence,
Somehow within the restless morning wind,
Which goes about smelling of mint and thyme...
And all the rest is literature. (art poetique, verlaine, transl. eli siegel)

(play it loud) (42'10" - 40mo)

Playlist :
minitel - streisand (acheter les 2/buy both minitel & makhno)
16.17 - who planned all this (acheter/buy)
sightings - black peter (acheter/buy)
sic alps - strawberry guillotine (acheter/buy)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - occie lady (acheter/buy)
excepter - the sun bomber (acheter/buy)
6majik9 - slick finishes (quick finishes) (acheter/buy)
(+ excerpts from gregory whitehead we all scream alone, mickey newbury, milford graves...)

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bonus (vimeo,youtube)
minitel - a disturbed phone call
sightings - perforated
sic alps - a story over there
6majik9 - kikoopeyote
excepter - sunrise

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