stw podcast episode 096

photo by zb
stw podcast episode 096

ZB goes so easy so..( it LOUD...) (40' - 38mo)

Playlist :
vampire weekend - mansard roof acheter/buy
plunkett - flies acheter/buy
chromatics - night drive acheter/buy
neon neon - dream cars acheter/buy
kelley polar - entropy reigns (in the celestial city) acheter/buy
del shannon - gemini (pilooski edit) acheter/buy
mgmt - electric feel acheter/buy
poni hoax - the paper bride acheter/buy
wind-up birds - stolen when the phone rang
wildbirds & peacedrums - I can't tell in his eyes acheter/buy

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bonus (youtube)
vampire weekend - a punk
chromatics - in the city
neon neon - I lust u
kelley polar - chrysanthemum
mgmt - time to pretend
poni hoax - antibodies
wildbirds & peacedrums
del shannon - keep searchin' (follow the sun)

photo "096" by ZB

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