stw podcast episode 080

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stw podcast episode 080

the frenchh series (1/4 or more, or less...) ( it Loud...) (41'00 - 39mo)
"the french series" will take place first monday of tomorrow... ...maybe

Playlist :
the frenchies - rock'n'roll fascination acheter/buy
jean neplin - t'inquiètes pas (mon p'tit gars) acheter/buy
cheveu - truck acheter/buy
the holy curse - cash machine acheter/buy
devon miles - bad habits acheter/buy
poppy no good & the phantom band - if I said acheter/buy via site
viadubai - who the hell do we think we are acheter/buy via site
la femme du regisseur - personne pour personne premiers pas sur la lune
lispector - young and wild acheter/buy
the limes - between roof and bird acheter/buy
david fakenahm - your perfume acheter/buy via site

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bonus (youtube & dailymotion)
jean neplin & individual state - resurrected humans
cheveu - clara venus... at goner fest
the holy curse - let's go surfin'
devon miles - bad habits
lispector - my beautiful palm tree
david fakenahm - your perfume
orouni - in the old days of our new life

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