so the wind podcast : episode 069

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stw podcast episode 069

stw podcast : episode 069 (39'03 - 37mo)
( it Loud...)

Playlist :
the lodger - many thanks for your honest opinion acheter/buy
meneguar - set a line acheter/buy
billy & the moonlighters - little indian girl
indian jewelry - pasadena skies acheter/buy
kites - hallucination guillotine acheter/buy
talibam! - rambo's passiegiata acheter/buy
sunburned hand of the man - raw backwards acheter/buy
opiyo bilongo - okoth achoki acheter/buy
tommy johnson - cool drink water blues acheter/buy
martyn bates & troum- I made my song acheter/buy
eldridge skell's the rude staircase - here come the red teeth acheter/buy

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bonus : (youtube)
the lodger - kicking sand

photo "0-69" by ZB

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