so the wind podcast : episode 063

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stw podcast episode 063

stw podcast : episode 063 (46'47- 43mo)
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Playlist :
the chameleons - don't fall acheter/buy
the phantom family halo - black river acheter/buy
wooden shjips - we ask you to ride acheter/buy
drumcorps - down acheter/buy
health - crimewave acheter/buy
the revolutionaries - root's dub acheter/buy
marie line dahomay - rankont' acheter/buy
the psalters - trisagion acheter/buy (free)
empusae & nick grey - simple black lines in a diagram acheter/buy
sigmatropic - death of a patineurre acheter/buy
black happy day - of the wind and loneliness acheter/buy
(voices : frank zappa, martin sheen, sissy spacek)

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bonus : (youtube)
the chameleons - nathan's face
phantom family halo - and the night it won't last
wooden shjips - dance, california
drumcorps - down
serge gainsbourg - pas long feu
the psalters - wayfaring stranger
sigmatropic - ours at least

photo "63" by ZB

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