Stw /0327-I

Playlist (ikhtoniablogradio) :

''(voices :zb, marine livernette ext. "de loin, les choses" gypsophile)
valier - souverain mal
ari up - can't trust the majority mass
the seconds - say
blackstrap - walking into walls
excepter - second changes
jah cure - songs of freedom
moses I - freedom
andy wagner - this world can be so cruel
sky larkin - traits and traitors
the notes and scratches - the lines reveal
william fitzsimmons - passion play
richman's burden - whispers
paleo - next train

Achetez les disques auprès des relais habituels : groupes, labels (tenseforms), disquaires vivants, en ligne...

Le bonus du jour s'appelle/ and...the face of today is... Contrast podcast
(Thanks Tim ...)

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