episode 496

"People are afraid to merge on freeways in Los Angeles. This is the first thing I hear when I come back to the city"Bret Easton Ellis ...fins de série 75/78" but who cares uh ? : episode 496 distribution: gene loves jezebel - brittle punches (peel session 26.09.1983) dead can dance -  […]

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episode 495

"You are not the kind of guy who would be at a place like this at this time of the morning."Jay McInerney ...fins de série 74/78" but who cares uh ? : episode 495 distribution: slab! - the animals are all eating the people pie (peel session 22.09.1986) test dept - total state machine  […]

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episode 494

"Riding up the winding road of Saint Agnes Cemetery in the back of the rattling old truck, Francis Phelan became aware that the dead, even more than the living, settled down in neighborhoods. "William Kennedy ...fins de série 73/78" but who cares uh ? : episode 494 distribution:  […]

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episode 493

"I didn't know that afternoon that the ground was waiting to become another grave in just a few short days."Richard Brautigan ...fins de série 72/78" but who cares uh ? : episode 493 distribution: shalawambe - mulumena (peel session 12.09.1988) rhythm & sound - poor people must  […]

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episode 492

"Raise your eyes, stranger, to that age-worn rampart which confronts all else : there stand the paladins, stern, grave, serene. each is one, each is all.Richard Hugo ...fins de série 71/78" but who cares uh ? : episode 492 distribution: murmur - never one third (peel session 08.09.95) the  […]

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episode 491

"had you the right madness bread would be secure."Have the right madness. This land has always passed onand, like you, is still there.Richard Hugo ...fins de série 70/78" but who cares uh ? : episode 491 distribution: orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - red frame/white light (peel  […]

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