stw podcast episode 316

photo by zb
stw episode 316

pour combien de temps... un peu plus d'une heure ?
but who cares uh ? : episode 316

bipolaroid - bright shadows (a/b)
pete swanson - A&Ox0 (a/b)
angels in america - follow me out (a/b)
hammock feat. steve kilbey - no agenda (a/b)
matt christensen drugged (a/b)
birds of passage - I have my heart (a/b)
daughter - home (a/b)
caethua - the setting of my sleep (a/b)
small sur - the darkest parts (a/b)
spectre folk - sold your eyes to the moon (a/b)
ghq - drink the good moon (a/b)
jakob olausson - morning and sunrise (a/b)
illuha - saika (a/b)
arno m. - no hay banda

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photo "episode 316" by ZB

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