stw podcast episode 192

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stw episode 192

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so the wind podcast episode 192 : play it loud (61'03 - 60mo)

Tracklist :
siefgried kessler &jean françois pauvros - swinging sk 13 swagin' cap 10 (a/b)
twine - disconnected (a/b)
norfolk & western - clyde in new orleans (a/b)
jody reynolds - a tear for jesse (a/b)
scientists - set it on fire (a/b)
absinthe minds - the song of returning light 5 (a/b)
cloudland canyon - lie in light (a/b)
dead times - moonlit lies
crystal stilts - temptation inside your heart (a/b yeti 7)
claudine longet - jealous guy (a/b)
htrk - your mistress turns to dust (a/b)
die form - chronovision (a/b)
matias aguayo - new life (a/b)
dave ball - in strict tempo (a/b)

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