carnets d'hiver 6

photo zb
stw episode du mercredi 054

La photo (de haut en bas et de gauche à droite  :)
La musique.
(chaque mercredi jusqu'au printemps/ each wednesday until spring),
...An old cowboy went riding out one dark and windy day...
so the wind podcast wednesday 054 :
play it ETERNALLY LOUD... (48'22- 47mo)

Tracklist :
girls - ghost mouth (a/b)
gene loves jezebel - who wants to go to heaven (excerpt) (a/b)
saoia - ghost of 3 a.m (a/b)
cindytalk - the ghost never smiles (a/b)
alan vega - ghost rider (a/b)
hula - ghost rattle (a/b)
teeth mountain - ghost science (a/b)
mars - puerto rican ghost (a/b)
mayyors - ghost punch (a/b)
lsd march - holy ghost (a/b)
albert ayler quintet - ghosts (a/b)
susan christie - ghost riders in the sky (a/b)

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photo "episodemercredi054" by ZB

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