so the wind podcast : episode 074

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stw podcast episode 074

it's a lovely day. let's take a ride on route 21, takes you 48 hours until you'll come back home. have you ever been this far out ?( it Loud...) (43'10 - 41mo)

Playlist :
the vandelles - lovely weather acheter/buy (safranin sound)
sachiko - route 21 acheter/buy (volcanic tongue)
buck paco - 48 hours and no white elephants acheter/buy (abandon ship records)
hoor-paar-kraat - veni vidi volo in domum redire acheter/buy (small doses)
mudboy - hungry ghosts! acheter/buy (digitalis)
einsturzende neubauten - ich hatte ein wort acheter/buy (norman records)
sontiago - got me, I got you acheter/buy (norman records)
krakow! - cry my love there will come soft rains
burial - dog shelter acheter/buy (boomkat)
david newlyn - never been this far out before acheter/buy (abandon ship records)

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bonus (youtube)
the vandelles - lovely weather (live)
kousokuya, live osaka, part 1 & part 2
einsturzende neubauten - sand (live 90')
sontiago - crush the rainbow
nick szydlowski - you are my heart
burial - ghost hardware (unofficial vid.)
kahimi karie - I'm in the rain

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