episode 537

"I am you and you are me Tie me down I will be free" but who cares uh ? : episode 537 distribution: coin-op - the make up (peel session 30.07.2002) blue angel - sweaty belly the fall - white lightning ausmuteants - kicked in the head by a horse the jaz - put the squeeze on 'em adelking  […]

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episode 536

"Your choice is made Go on go on And disappear...before they stop the clock" but who cares uh ? : episode 536 distribution: the three johns - torpedo (peel session 23.07.1985) male gaze - smog dawn citizen - numb yourself mr california and mr california band - my slut delacave - four  […]

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episode 535

"We'll be flying at an altitude Of thirty-nine thousand feet" but who cares uh ? : episode 535 distribution: loudon wainwright III - heaven (peel session 16.07.2002) ross hannaman - down thru' summer donovan - the fat angel the velvet underground - some kind of love the misunderstood -  […]

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episode 534

"This is the spring without end This is the summer of malcontent This is the winter of your mind" but who cares uh ? : episode 534 distribution: the family cat - with a war (peel session 09.07.1990) the fall - free range all the saints - regal regalia alberto y lost trios paranoias - f*ck  […]

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tout ira bien

'grandma' by richard mcgraw(bandcamp) un avant goût de l'album que vous pouvez aider à réaliser en passant par là, c'est presque fait il ne manque plus que vous How to Suffer, A Record of Songs by Richard McGraw

episode 533

"Put your head down to the ground And listen to your mind If you can't spell what you found I know that you're not my kind" but who cares uh ? : episode 533 distribution: a certain ratio - day one (peel session 02.07.1981) extreme noise terror - invisible war drivers - johnny's dying  […]

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