stw podcast episode 325

photo by zb
stw episode 325

"Pourquoi ça n'irait pas ?"

"...Tu t'souviens d'où tu tires ça ?..."
ZB (ghost), 10.04.2012, 14h14 (Ikhtonia City)

but who cares uh ? : episode 325

the bore tide - the fish (a/b) ball of wax 21
the foghorns - more than jesus (a/b) ball of wax 19
r. barrett - righteous (a/b) ball of wax 25
trips and falls- this is all going to end badly (a/b) ball of wax 23
the gweducs - b smrt (a/b) ball of wax 11
can the boy tell time ? - anchors (a/b) ball of wax 15
the way it is - triple word score (a/b) ball of wax 19
colin j. nelson - normandie (a/b) ball of wax 20
alicia amiri - idiot dog (a/b) ball of wax 27
the stares - mâche malée (a/b) ball of wax 21
the magic of multiples - womb to womb (a/b) ball of wax 24
petting zoo - flip flopper, mixed messages (a/b) ball of wax 3
caleb thompson - the devil (a/b) ball of wax 15
show me eyes - those lonely carnival lights (a/b) ball of wax 8


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photo "episode 325" by ZB

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