stw podcast episode 189

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stw episode 189

Tout compte fait, une fois, la fin établie, on reprend le chemin abandonné qui, sans doute, nous mènera ailleurs, autrement.
All things considered, once, the end established, we take back the abandoned way which, undoubtedly, will lead us elsewhere, otherwise
so the wind podcast episode 189 : play it loud (55'32- 54mo)

Tracklist :
minipops junior- junk a lektra (a/b)
sonny sharrock - black woman (a/b)
ninni morgia control unit - dhyana (a/b)
alexandre tucker & decomposed orchestra - golden dome (a/b)
high wolf - every bar in the jungle (a/b)
wooden veil - red sky (a/b)
charlie nothing - in eternity with brother fredrick(excerpt) (a/b)
niggas with guitars - continent gods (a/b)
ela orleans - something higher (a/b)
clem leek - 51°03.773' (a/b)

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