suddenly, last summer

photo zb
stw episode special 030

or how to soundtrack a photo, de haut en bas et de gauche à droite  : so the wind podcast episode special 030
play it LOUD (45'02- 43mo)

Tracklist :
plankton wat - tree spirit (song for harper) (a/b)
clorinde - leaf (a/b)
motohiro nakashima - through the window (a/b)
the bachs - I'm a little boy (a/b)
alice cohen - tiger tears (a/b)
bobby beausoleil - lucifer rising part IV (a/b)
ye olde maids - advice to a future giallo killer/in the palms of god's hands (a/b)
the cavalcade - rooftops and chaotic streets (a/b)
celer - the carved god is gone (excerpt) (a/b)
the units - straight lines (a/b)
onna - silver dove (a/b)
zola jesus - sinfonia and the shrew (a/b)
woodpecker wooliams - I shot you (get it)
the untied knot - a requiem for the thirteen (get it)
christian vasseur - il y a... (a/b)
christian vasseur - simple music (a/b)

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photo "episodespecial030" by ZB

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