so the wind podcast : episode 072

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stw podcast episode 072

stw podcast : episode 072 (40'56 - 38mo)
( it Loud...)

Playlist :
wojtek godzisz - the moon and the yew tree acheter/buy
victor scott - fortune favours the brave acheter/buy
centenaire - le retour acheter/buy
the jacks - stop the clock acheter/buy
monks of the balhill - grand cornoel acheter/buy
fiery furnaces - waiting to know you acheter/buy
the family elan - monumental acheter/buy
the psalters - scarf dance acheter/buy
gang gang dance - nico man acheter/buy
andrew liles - all the worse for the fishes acheter/buy
+ voix : marcel duchamp ; norman mailer

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bonus : (youtube)
wojtek godzisz's studio diary part 1 & part 2
victor scott - fortune favours the brave
orval carlos sibelius - mister heart of stone
fiery furnaces - benton harbor blues
gang gang dance - before my voice fails
jac berrocal+andrew liles (dans l'obscurité des Voûtes 2007/10/27)

photo "072" by ZB

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