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stw podcast episode 045

stw podcast : episode 045 (46'13 - 44mo)
(play it xtremely loud)

Playlist :
00:40 martin circus - ouvrez vos mémoires acheter/buy
04:34 un département - je serais clément en tant que dictateur
08:36 saboteur & madman - the next wave écouter/listen
12:21 loopool - the power of others
14:14 burning star core - the universe is designed to break your heart acheter/buy
24:58 twinsistermoon - I wish I could drown the world in reverberation
29:01 reynols - fincoll (que norar) acheter/buy
35:20 holmes - mr boom contact them to buy their records
39:28 saturna - chasing the unpredictable acheter/buy "some delicious enemy" soon
43:07 birch book -birch sap 2 acheter/buy
and ici et là henry flynt - c tune

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bonus : (youtube)
test dept - total state machine
jandek - real wild
reynols conoce a duilio pierri
burning star core
in gowan ring (birch book) - the carnival is empty
roy orbison - in dreams

photo "thee greet anneeheelator" by ZB


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