...sweet sunday songs from the north

sunday mood33, photo zb

Lars Wiik est Aluco.
Sous ce nom, il participe également à quelques titres de ses amis de dokkemand.

aluco (website)

bonus :
le numéro 6 d'Azuki bean stash podcast est consacré à la flûte : F is for Flutes

...then, if some time's left, you could listen all day long to
Ikhtonia ( playlist : mariee sioux, harmony and pollution, afro omega, max roach, netsanet mellesse, yo la tengo, aluco, mountain goats, mohohub, grizzly bear, dear euphoria , quintin nadig, oscar matzerath, nick grey, campo bravo,happiness, polarkreis 18, 54 seconds, mendes brother, mahmoud ahmed,other desert cities, the gena rowlands band, chauchat, number 1 I love you, traîne-savate, the televangelist and the architect, prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers, between the pine, apollo nove, bingo quixote, gypsophile, barry harris, duke ellington, heavyshift...)

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