episode 842

episode 842
stw episode 842

"tout le monde sait où
cette route nous mène...
tôt ou tard."

but who cares ? : episode 842

add n to (x) - plug me in (add insult to injury - 2000)
a.c. acoustics - crush (7", 2000)
the ponys - glass conversation (celebration castle, 2005)
oneida - doin business in japan (seeds of contemplation, 2007)
neko case - deep red bells (blacklisted, 2002)
preston school of industry - doping for gold (all this sound gas, 2001)
isolée - today (we are monsters, 2005)
interpol - roland (turn on the bright lights, 2002)
blessure grave - stop breathing (learn to love the rope, 2009)
members of the yellow press - causes (teetering on the edge of destruction, 2003)
eve massacre - hesitation cuts (gestures of indifference, 2004)
blonde redhead - en particulier (melody of certain damages, 2000)
nikki sudden - fall any further (treasure island, 2004)
afrikan simba - power in the word (power in the word ep, 2009)
samara lubelski - magic winding (spectacular of passages, 2005)
johnny cash - if we never meet again this side of heaven (unearthed 4, 2003)


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