episode 821

episode 821
stw episode 821

"tout le monde sait où
cette route nous mène...
tôt ou tard."

but who cares ? : episode 821

iokoi - effective tension (tales of another felt sense of self - 2021 -ous)
heimat - weiss du (zwei - 2021 teenage menopause)
irena and vojtech havlovi - vanity of wings (melodies in the sand - 2021 melody as truth)
arthur satan - love blee (so far so good - 2021 born bad)
gentleman's dub club last chance (down to earth - 2021, easy nice)
we hate you please die - can't wait to be fine (can't wait to be fine - 2021 howlin banana)
caoilfhionn rose- readiness is all (truly - 2021 gondwana)
anika pyle - blame (wild river - 2021 bandcamp)
pastoral division - une fois l'ivresse passée (les choses - 2021 htbuy)
jaromil sabor ruins of waves (mount vision - 2021 howlin banana)
penelope trappes nervous (penelope three - 2021, houndstooth)
mt went the owls are talking (lit way down - 2021, lost tribe sound)
low the price you pay (it must wearing off) (hey what - 2021, sub pop)
nick cave warren ellis white elephant (carnage - 2021, goliath)
the wedding present - sport cars (locked down and stripped back - 2021 happy happy birthday to me)
little simz speed (sometimes I might be introverted - 2021, age 101 music)
martina bertoni - fearless (music for empty flats - 2021, karl records)

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