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dans le sens inversé que montrent les aiguilles

not in catalogue debut album

caroline says - 50​,​000​,​000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong
los campesinos! - sick scenes
nice legs - strange family
fovea hex - the salt garden 2
anahita - tourmaline
radiation risks - goodbye money
kala brisella - endlich krank
happyness - write in
mt doubt - the loneliness of tv watchers
fog lake - dragonchaser
the fresh and onlys - wolf lie down
dad thighs - the ghosts that I fear
birdstriking - holey brain
högni - two trains
the cairo gang -untouchable
dale cooper & the dictaphones - astrild astrild
viewfinder - born ticking
piper street sound - barrier island
allison's gate - sink or swim
chuck prophet - bobby fuller died for your sins
soley - endless summer
laibach - also sprach zarathustra
cigarettes after sex - s/t
endless boogie - vibe killer
soul scratch - pushing fire
meta and the cornerstones hira
talsounds - love sick
I speak machine - zombies 1985
cindy lee - malenkost
the terminals - antiseptic
ellie bleach - petty

le fruit vert paon perdu

pierre & bastien - musique grecque
talisman - don't play with fyah
the sadies - northern passages
ron gallo - heavy meta
fazi - heart of desire
thurston moore - rock'n'roll consciousness
alvvays - antisocialites
deerful - peach
matthew j. o'toole - ghosts of socialism
moon duo - Occult Architecture Vol. 1& 2
moths and locusts - intro/outro
sylvan esso - what now
greg malcolm + stefan neville - a nuance
the left outsides - there is a place
sudan archives - s/t
michael chapman - 50
saicobab - sab se purani bab
juana molina - halo
carla dal forno - the garden
linda perhacs - I'm a harmony
alder and ash - clutched in the maw of the world
chelsea wolfe - hiss spun
damien dubrovnik - great many arrows
yc-cy - todestanz
marbled eye - s/t
nadia reid - preservation
michael head and the red elastic band - adios senor pussycat


from the mouth of the sun - hymn binding
run dust - leisure village
jake xerxes fussell - what in the natural world
upper wilds - infinity pools ep
aleksi perälä - the colundi sequence vol.2
lali puna - two windows
kaitlyn aurelia smith - the kid
jlin - black origami
deathbomb arc etc.
spirit fest - spirit fest
arpo - call super
slowdive - s/t
saz'iso - At Least Wave Your Handkerchief at Me
brainwaltzera- poly-ana
various artists mono no aware
xiu xiu -forget
the murlocs - old locomotive
seabuckthorn - turns
aris kindt -swann and odette
snaex - holy times
chris forsyth & the solar motel band - dreaming the non dream
the weather station - s/t
diet cig - swear I'm good at this
zazou bikaye - noir et blanc

jaimie branch fly or die

drahla - third article ep + faux text 7"
lean year - s/t
david grubbs -creep mission
the green kingdom - the north wind and the sun
various artists - sounds of sisso
big blood - the daughters union
khalil - the water we drink
still - I
bons - gras h'utsi
kj -spells

peter oren - anthropocene
erskine lynas - lease of youth
gunn truscinski duo - bay head
dálava -the book of transfigurations
balmorhea - clear language
kelly lee owens - s/t
grooms -exit index
taiwan housing project - veblen death mask
joseph shabason - aytche
chui wan - the landscape the tropics never had
the caretaker - everywhere at the end of time

the body and full of hell ascendinga mountain of heavy light
full of hell - trumpeting ecstasy
disanxian - the greatest outrageous famine
casual nun - psychometric testing by...
excavations series
william ryan fritch - Birkitshi - Eagle Hunters In A New World
adele h - civilization
adrian lane - playing with ghosts
james elkington - wintres woma
ekin fil -ghosts inside

william ryan fritch behind the pale

14. david nance - negative boogie
13. the fall - new facts emerge
12. no sister - the second floor
11. pan daijing - lack -
10. colleeen -a flame my love a frequency
9. felicia atkinson - hand in hand
8. Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa
7. snapped ankles - come play the trees
6. msafiri zawose - uhamiaji
5. william ryan fritch - behind the pale
4. jaimie branch - fly or die
3. yeah you - krutch
2. le fruit vert - paon perdu
1. not in catalogue 不在话下 - debut album

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