episode 503

episode 503
stw episode 503

"A dog-it was a dog I saw for certain.Or thought I saw -."
Russell Banks

but who cares uh ? : episode 503

the damned - I'm so bored (peel session 29.10.1979)
pig - toxico
honeymoon killers - something's wrong
ningen isu - yuutsu jidai
girlsnames - xenia, ohio
privacy/policy - in the city
the jennifers - flying
pizzicato five - party
art of noise - yebo (interlude 1) (mark gamble remix)
papa san a wha
black eg - my radio
reighnbeau - saltwoundd
letters of utrecht - a very long way down
scott walker & sunn o))) - lullaby
the insect explosion - program not responding
moodie black - white buffalo
the magic band - nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man
prhyme suspect - rhymin' for a reason
killing joke - pssyche (peel session 29.10.1979)


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