episode 486

episode 486 day of the locust
stw episode 486

"I am made out water. You wouldn't know it, because I have it bound in. My friends are made out of water, too. All of them. The problem for us is that not only do we have to walk around without being absorbed by the ground but we also have to earn our livings."
Philip K. Dick
...fins de série 65/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 486

wagon christ - kiddies swing (peel session 15.08.2001)
PJ Rose - sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band
sham 69 - with a little help from my friends
total sound group direct action committee - any more than I do
richard barone - guinevere
ralph mctell - granny takes a trip
the mops - white rabbit
howlin' wolf, hubert sumlin & eddie shaw - dust my broom
hüsker dü - eight miles high
captain beefheart - abba zabba
rotary connection - the burning of the midnight lamp
gerard manset - il voyage en solitaire (1975)
henry kaiser - cold rain and snow
nick drake - milk and honey
mike stuart span - my white bicycle
everly brothers - wake up little suzy (15.08.1957)
jimmy reed - you don't have to go
marc boland - the wizard
l'infonie - she's leaving home
cherry blossom clinic - lucy in the sky with diamonds
stack waddy - sure 'nuff yes I do
rob jo star band - loving machine (1975)
the damned - we love you (peel session 06.08.1984)
pretty faces - love is good (top gear 15.08.1972 not tx)
spoken words taken from "the day of the locust" by john schlesinger


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