episode 469

episode 469 touch of evil
stw episode 469

"“I am always drawn back to places where I have lived, the houses and their neighborhoods."
Truman Capote
...fins de série 48/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 469

hits - bring me the head of yukio mishima (peel session 23.06.1978)
gizmos - 1978
gangster - go
desperate bicycles - skill
expo - where ever you are
danyel gerard - d'où reviens tu billy boy (1958)
ossie all stars - leggo dub
suicide commandos - attacking the beat
steve treatment - hooked on a trend
the victims - disco junkies
normals - hardcore
i-roy - radical music
clint eastwood - roots rock reggae
steel pulse - sound check
clash - white man (in hammersmith palais)
buzzcocks - moving away from the pulse beat
sylvan white - world of confusion
charlie feathers - jungle fever (23.06.1958)
the fall - psycho mafia
la peste - better off dead
didier lapeyrère - plus jamais (1958)
undertones - teenage kicks
mars - 3E
play dead - total decline (peel session 23.06.1983)
spoken words taken from "touch of evil" by orson welles


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